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Please download your copy of ADVANCED GUIDE TO ECOMMERCE as follows:

1. Ensure your browser security levels are set to allow downloads.

2. Go to

3. Enter 10edition10 as the username and hellraiser as the password (both are case sensitive) to access the download folder. You may need to try several times if the connection is noisy (often the case with subscribers outside the USA).

4. You will see two files in the download folder, a hypermaker version of the ebook (ecd10.exe) and a pdf version of the ebook (ecd10.pdf). Content is the same, but the hypermaker version is designed for quick reference, and the pdf version allows sequential reading.

5. Hypermaker version:

  • Double click on the ecd10.exe file to start the download process.
  • Either a. save the file to a directory of choice for later installation, or b. elect to install the program/ebook once download is complete. If a., then simply double-click on the file ecd10.exe later to start the installation process.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to correctly install the ebook and its viewer. The program comes with its uninstaller should you wish to completely remove the ebook at some later date.

6. Adobe pdf version:

  • Double click on the ecd10.pdf file and wait until the ebook is fully open (a lengthy process: 602 pages)
  • Save the ebook to your computer by clicking the 'Save a Copy' icon in the top toolbar.

Further points:

Do remember to set the security levels of your browser to allow downloads. This is the source of the few problems reported to date. All appears to go well, but the download cuts off prematurely, leaving you a truncated ebook that will not open. You can see if this is the problem by checking the ecd10.exe file in Windows Explorer: it should be approx. 2.0 Mbytes. Similarly, the pdf version should be around 8 Mbytes.

If that is the problem, you need to:

1. Set the security to less stringent levels on your browser (you can always reset them afterwards). The procedure varies according to the browser employed, but on Microsoft Internet Explorer Six, you need to go to Tools, select Internet Options, click on Security, and then on Custom Level and finally select 'enable' under downloads.

2. Temporarily disable the spam filter, etc.

Firewalls can also interfere. Again, just disable the firewall for the download, and enable it again afterwards.

You can download further copies of the ebook from the same address as the need arises, but please respect the terms of sale: the ebook is registered to you. We change the download username and password from time to time, so please email us for an update if you find the previous values no longer work.

You can email us at in the unlikely event of difficulties. There's usually someone in the office from 8am to 9pm Chile time (generally EST but with summer time changes) six days a week. We have never yet been unable to help a customer download and install the ebook.

Please let us know if you change your email address, as we use this email to let you know when updates become available, usually every six months. Do make sure you mention ADVANCED GUIDE when doing so, as of course we get a lot of emails, many of them obscure or unwanted. Also drop us a line if you haven't heard for a while, or lose the details of the update email (i.e. the new username and password needed for download). We'll do our best to help.

You can get a prompt and full refund by emailing us within 30 days of purchase. Please email us in the first instance, as we respect the no-questions-asked guarantee. If you start by emailing eMetrix or PayPal you will probably be required to fill in a questionnaire explaining the reasons for your dissatisfaction, which then gets passed to us for comment and refund approval. We can't do anything about this, though it creates work for all parties and only delays the refund. Emailing us first won't jeopardize your rights with eMetrix or PayPal.

Do let us know if you feel aspects of the ebook are incorrect or need updating: this will help to make future editions more useful to everyone.

Finally, we take this opportunity of wishing you every success in your Internet business.

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