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Illustration Sources

Most pages on this site have thumbnail illustrations, for which the source (artist and current location of the work) are given on the page concerned, with notes that apply to the painting as a whole.

The thumbnails are reproductions of parts of a small proportion of illustrations appearing in popular art books. In compliance with the fair use terms of copyright, as generally understood following the Sonny Bono Copyright Extension Act (1998) — the Bridgeman Art Library Ltd. v Corel Corporation judgment (1999) notwithstanding — the publications that form the source of the illustrations are acknowledged below. The page numbers refer to the first appearance of a thumbnail on the site.

The Art of the Portrait by by N. Schneider Taschen. 1994 1a 2a 14a
'Gardner's Art through the Ages, 11th Edition' by F. Kleiner & C. Mamiya Harcourt College Publishers. 2001 4a 4b 4d 6b 6d 6f 7c 7d 14c 16c 17a 21a
'Russian Art from Neoclassicism to Avant-Garde' by D.V. Sarabianov Thames & Hudson. 1990 2d 2e 3a 11b 12b 12c 22a
'Churches of Venice' Anon Chorus 2002 6a
'Great Paintings' edited by Edwin Mullins British Broadcasting Corporation. 1981 7a 9a 16a 18e 20a
'Vermeer' by P. Bonafoux Profils de L'Art Chene. 1992 2b 5c 7e 10a
'The World of Vermeer: 1632-1675' by H. Konigsberger Times Inc. 1967 16b
'Techniques of the Impressionists' by Anthea Callen Tiger Books International. 1993 6c 7b 19a 26a 27a 28a
'The Glory of Venice' edited by J. Martineau & A Robinson Yale University Press. 1994 2c 6e 13a 18b 24a
'John Singer Sargen't by C. Ratcliff Artabras. 1990 6g 14f 23a
'Essential History of British Art' by I. Steer Parragon Books. 2001 8a 11a 14e 14g 15a 15c 15d 15e 17c 17d 18f 29a
'The History and Techniques of the Great Masters:Rubens' by A. Morrall Tiger Books International. 1988 10b 10d
'L'Opera Completa di Ingres' by E. Radius Rizzoli. 1968 14d
'Flowers in Art from East and West' by P Hulton & L Smith British Museum Publications. 1979 17b
'The Body: Images of the Nud'e by E. Lucie-Smith Thames and Hudson. 1981 18a 18c 18d
'Abstract Painting' by Arsén Pohribny Phaidon. 1979 30a

Please note that the thumbnails do not generally give a proper indication of the painting as a whole, and you are strongly urged to consult the original publications and/or view online galleries.